In a nutshell

A designer and humanist passionate about augmenting our personal and collective future thinking.

Having over 10 years of international industry experience I’ve led and contributed to a wide variety of internet service projects. I’ve done deep research, lots of design and I’ve written about personal data and predictive technologies.

My work has been covered by great people in The New York Times, Vice Motherboard, Lifehacker, PSFK, Gigaom, TechCrunch, Pando, Fast Company, Mashable, TNW, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist etc.

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Selected highlights

Random interview in Data Science Weekly 2014

Data Science Weekly interviewed me about Random app. We talked about irrational and rational algorithms, human-centered machine learning and the future of recommendation technologies. Check out the interview, give a spin to Random app and let me know what you think, thanks!

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Futureful becomes Random 2014

Check out Random on the App Store.

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"Your data is your interface" in PandoDaily 2013


My article “Your data is your interface” was just recently published and featured in PandoDaily. The piece has sparked significant attention and a lot of great replies/comments.

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FutureSelf - my personal future simulation article in Futures Journal 2010

My full-length article “FutureSelf: Emerging digitized life patterns and a personal future simulation system” was just published in acknowledged Futures, The journal of policy, planning and futures studies (Volume 42, Issue 9, November 2010, Pages 981-994). The article concentrates on the concept and design framework of a personal future simulation system that enables the creation of personal micro-future scenarios and augmented futures using personal digital data.

Futures Journal

The Abstract

Unique information sources, available and accessible in digital networked environments, can be used as a data set for the extrapolation of an individual’s potential futures. Based on an interactive analysis process, a carefully crafted system using artificial intelligence, data mining processes and behavior adaptive features can generate contextualized interactive personal future simulations in the form of interconnected micro-future scenarios. Micro-future scenarios provide context-sensitive information, alternative future paths and recommendations based on an individual’s personal circumstances and her environment. The emerging future narrative can be delivered effectively by using different communication channels and methods in digital environments. The system aims to enhance an individual’s awareness of the consequences of her existence by connecting her personal and social actions to a wider social, cultural, political, economical and ecological context.

Keywords: Future simulation; Micro-future scenario; Personal futures; Future design; Personal digital data; Interactive narratives

Download a free and complete pre-print version of the article (1.2 MB, pdf)

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