In a nutshell

A designer and humanist. Interested in combining human-centered design and adaptive technologies to create experiences that empower our creativity and well-being.

Having over 10 years of international industry experience I’ve led and contributed to a wide variety of internet service projects. I’ve done deep research, lots of design and I’ve written about personal data and predictive technologies.

For the past six years I worked as a startup co-founder and chief creative at Random, building a smart discovery engine for diverse media content.

My work has been covered by great people in The New York Times, Vice Motherboard, Lifehacker, PSFK, Gigaom, TechCrunch, Pando, Fast Company, Mashable, TNW, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist etc.

Feel free to ping me in Twitter or email, thanks!

Selected highlights

eMerit Group: brand & identity 2008

eMerit group, brand & identity
Logo design

The project included a design of a functioning prototype of an experimental community platform/networking site.

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Nokia News HUB: Articles about digital media environments and new media 2008

Nokia News Hub article illustration
Articles on creativity, behaviorial patterns, virtuality and existence in the networked digital environments

Virtual spectacle illuminated (Published in the Nokia News Hub / 01 February 2008)

Creative Misuse Exposed (Published in the Nokia News Hub / 31 October 2007)

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Ennustajamestari and Sijoittajamestari games 2007

Ennustajamestari & Sijoittajamestari
Brand – logos of Ennustaja and Sijoittajamestari

Ennustajamestari main page
Main page, Ennustajamestari

Two future-oriented prediction games for leading Finnish economic magazine Taloussanomat. The project included game concept design, branding and identity, ui-design, visual design, interaction design etc.

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Kastor: new logo, visual style, album-cover, t-shirts + 2008

Kastor logo 2008
New Kastor-logo

Kastor Lost Station digipack
Kastor’s debut album cover in collaboration with illustrator Riikka Sormunen and graphic designer Nico Bauer.

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DrawIn: a web-based collaborative drawing tool for communities 2007

A Media Lab Helsinki student project

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Suuren shamaanin pelastus - a fantasy game in a museum environment 2007

Game concept - Suuren shamaanin pelastus
A fantasy game concept for museum environment: student project at Media Lab Helsinki

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Culture Action Europe, new identity, logo and website 2008

Culture Action Europe, new identity, logo
New logo

Culture Action Europe site 2008
Website design

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