In a nutshell

A designer and humanist. Interested in combining great design and adaptive technologies to create experiences that empower our creativity and well-being.

Having over 10 years of international industry experience I’ve led and contributed to a wide variety of internet service projects. I’ve done deep research, lots of design and I’ve written about personal data and predictive technologies.

My work has been covered by great people in The New York Times, Vice Motherboard, Lifehacker, PSFK, Gigaom, TechCrunch, Pando, Fast Company, Mashable, TNW, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist etc.

Feel free to ping me in Twitter or email, thanks!

Selected highlights

Personal Portfolio 2004 2004

Portfolio 2004
Content page

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City of Helsinki Education Department: Stadinetti 2004

Wireless web pilotproject Stadinetti (City of Helsinki Education Department)
Wireless web pilotproject Stadinetti, logo and visual design

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The Third Earl of Shaftesbury and Aristocratic Libertinism in England 2004

3rd Earl of Shaftesbury and the Aristocratic English Libertinism, Master Thesis, University of Helsinki
The Third Earl of Shaftesbury and Aristocratic Libertinism in England
Master Thesis, University of Helsinki, April 2004

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Rubik: A promotional teaser website for a band 2004

Rubik - People Go Missing MCD Teaser (NMC-004, 2004)
Main page

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Leffakansio filmfestival 2004 website design 2004

Leffakansio filmfestival 2004 website
Main page

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Enporia Ltd: identity, application and service design 2004

Enporia Ltd. logo
Enporia Ltd. logo design

T-aika application promotional material
T-aika, a mobile invoicing and documenting system for entrepreneurs developed by Enporia Ltd

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