In a nutshell

A designer and humanist. Interested in combining human-centered design and adaptive technologies to create experiences that empower our creativity and well-being.

Having over 10 years of international industry experience I’ve led and contributed to a wide variety of internet service projects. I’ve done deep research, lots of design and I’ve written about personal data and predictive technologies.

For the past six years I worked as a startup co-founder and chief creative at Random, building a smart discovery engine for diverse media content.

My work has been covered by great people in The New York Times, Vice Motherboard, Lifehacker, PSFK, Gigaom, TechCrunch, Pando, Fast Company, Mashable, TNW, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist etc.

Feel free to ping me in Twitter or email, thanks!

Selected highlights

ArtFilms Ltd: promotional preproduction material 2001-2003

ArtFilms Ltd. promotional preproduction material
Promotional preproduction material for Arto Halonen’s upcoming documentary film

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Docpoint Film Festival: brandlift, visual identity and concept 2001-2003

Docpoint logo 2002
New logo design: the design of the visual identity for a Finnish documentary film festival

Docpoint: various promotional material for a documentary film festival
Various promotional material (flyers, posters, magazine cover etc.)

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New Music Community's identity, concept and website 2001-2003

New Music Community logo 2003
Logo design

New Music Community 2002
Website design

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City of Helsinki Education Department: webmail system 2001-2003

City of Helsinki Education Department, webmail system
Visual customization of a webmail system for City of Helsinki Education Department

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The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre: various projects 2001-2003

The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre: various projects
Various projects

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Personal Portfolio 2002 2001-2003

Personal portfolio 2002
Content page

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Signaali game concept and prototype 2001-2003

A concept of an explorative web-based, story-oriented problem solving game.

The player is trying to get in touch with an extraterrestrial life form which is capable of living inside the networked virtual environments. At the same time the alien is trying to get in control of the whole humanity and planet Earth.

The design included a functional flash prototype. More info will follow as archives are searched.

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